Corrugated Grades

  • Kraft Linerboard (Virgin and Recycled)
  • White top Kraft Linerboard
  • Coated White top Kraft Linerboard
  • Semi Chemical Medium
  • Testliner I, II, III
  • Medium-Fluting
  • Bleached and Unbleached Kraft Paper

Packaging Grades

  • Coated Solid Bleached Sulphate Board (SBS)
  • Coated Folding Box Board (GC-1, GC-2)
  • Coated Duplex Board Grey Back (GD)
  • Clay Coated News Back and Kraft Back Board
    (CCNB – CCKB)

Printing Grades

  • Newsprint / Uncoated Ground wood
  • Bulky Newsprint
  • Directory Paper
  • Super Calendared Paper (SC A & SC B)
  • Light Weight Coated Paper (LWC)
  • Uncoated Woodfree Paper and Card
  • Coated Woodfree Art Paper and Card
  • Coated Label Paper


  • Bleached Northern & Southern Softwood Kraft Pulp
    (NSBK – SBSK)
  • Bleached Northern & Southern Hardwood Kraft Pulp
    (NBHK – SBHK)
  • Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp
  • Bleached Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP)
  • Unbleached Kraft Pulp

Specialty Grades

  • Colored Cover and Text
  • Manila File Folder
  • Kraft File Folder