Message from the President

The forestry industry continues to evolve rapidly. Inflationary pressures on the cost of raw material and the integration and reconstruction of mills around the globe demands that customers adapt to a changing marketplace quickly and effectively.

Our #1 goal is to procure and deliver the best quality product at the optimum value for our customers. American Paper Export Inc., has established strong relations with the finest pulp and paper manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia to serve a wide array of customers in various industries, globally. With our extensive knowledge of the target markets and product lines we are positioned to fulfill our customer’s needs quickly regardless of the ever changing business cycles.

Our organization is simple yet effective. We aim to use resources wisely and curtail our overheads to make sure that we remain competitive in the markets we are active in. With globalization and marginalization of risk, competitive pricing remains the key to ensuring long term growth in any market.

We are consciously aware of building relationships with the people in an organization. It is our firm belief that it is not an organization which creates successful individuals, rather the human endeavour which paves path for successful organizations. With this ideology we have built an institution where progress is achieved by working mutually and ethically.

On behalf of everyone at American Paper Export Inc, I extend my gratitude for the opportunities you have extended to us and hope to receive your support and co operation in the years to come.

Sadruddin Budhwani President
American Paper Export Inc.