Logistics & Warehousing

American Paper Export Inc. takes immense pride in developing innovative logistical solutions. Our logistic department ensures that our cargo gets delivered in a timely and cost effective manner. We have consolidated freight rates with leading shipping lines to achieve the lowest rates for our customers. Finding solutions to reduce freight cost ensures we remain competitive with our customers and achieve optimum value for our suppliers.

With warehousing options in North America and Europe, we are able to arrange ‘just in time’ deliveries for our customers around the world. This also helps our suppliers who can rely on us for quick ‘inventory turn around time’ adding value to the complete supply chain process.

Warehousing also reduces our average freight cost. More often than never, mills are located further away from the shipping points. The strict road regulation in the United States during inter-state transportation does not allow container weight to exceed 45,000Lbs (20.5M.Tons.) With warehousing options at the port we can Trans load heavy containers, substantially reducing our average freight costs.